Edge74 #Musing- Because fashion fades but style is forever...

Looking into the past, to predict the future

or hopefully to at least get inspired...

This month we are reviewing 3 documentaries that complement/supplement to why we do what we do here at Edge74.

EDGEducation is beyond JUST HAIR. We are hairdressers at heart and fashion is everything to us. We strongly believe that IT IS ALL RELATIVE.

You simply cannot have one without the other.

so here it is.


Bill Cunningham NewYork, Advanced Style, Iris- Bemused.

Fashion bloggers, Instagram mega stars, whatever you want to call them, are phenom of the 21st century. Their existence shape the direction of trends to be, and, shapes of fashion that is to come. 

However, street fashion photography has been around for decades.. 

Bill Cunningham New York (2010)- an endearing documentary directed by Richard Press, point the camera onto on the man behind the lens.

Bill Cunningham, a willowy man in his mid 80's, a megalithic icon in his very humble and modest nature; seen day in day out in his signutyre blue windbreaker, documenting the shape of what is to come in fashion before it hits the runway every 6 months. 

Who is Bill?

"We all get dressed for Bill", famously says by Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

A bicycle riding, cultural anthropologist of sort, obsessively documenting fashion trends for the New York Times's Style section in his columns "On the Streets" on street fashion, and "Evening Hours" on high-society charity soirées.

Bill is still busy with photographing street fashion as he has done for the past decades. 

Check out his column in the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/video/on-the-street

Watch the movie. Feel the same excitement I always feel whenever I run into Bill Cunningham in and around NYC in his signature blue windbreaker.

"When you seek beauty, you will always find it", said Bill Cunningham as he was awarded Officer de L'orde des Arts et des Letters by French Minister of Art and Culture.


Looking at Iris Apfel, Fashion’s Grand Dame and the Subject of Albert Maysles’s Last Documentary-

Frieda Loehmann, founder of the famed department store, took her aside: “She said, ‘You're not pretty and you'll never be pretty, but it doesn't matter. You have something much better. You have style.’ ”

Words seem to fail when I try to describe how incredible and multi dimensional this rare bird of fashion (as she is called), Iris Apfel is. 

Perhaps, in her own words, these 11 inspiring quotes -click on the link below,(http://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/news/a11893/11-inspiring-quotes-from-eternal-fashion-goddess-iris-apfel/) will inspire you to head over to Netflix and treat yourself to a fashion and life lesson that is IRIS.

Advanced Style  is Ari Seth Cohen's blog-based ode to the confidence, beauty and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived glamourously. 

It is a collection of street fashion unlike any seen before- focused on the over-6- set in the world's most fashionable locales.

With their own unique version of joie de vi vre, grace, panache, these ladies of the Advanced Style  march to the beat of their own drum. The timeless taste, essence of style that is both intriguing and inspirational.

As one of the women said, "Just look good and enjoy looking good. There is no time limit to anything." 

The question is, what's stopping you? 

Fashion, at the end of the day, is not intellectual; it is all gut. 

Style is personal and fashion is.... like school for the eyes; the more you train your eyes the more you develop your sense of what appeals to you. 

In the world at large, when I am asked why fashion matters.

My response is always, "because it is one thing that can all at once possess rawness, individuality, color, happiness, creativity, personal taste; a thing that needs not political correctness to exist, a thing that is universal, a thing that brings everyone together; love it or hate it,  anyone can take something from it, have an opinion about it. It is a dialogue with no words and beauty simply makes the world a better place."